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22 June 1983
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Mother of two beautiful princesses.
Bisexual.Openminded.Honest to a fault sometimes.
Music is not a way of life....it is life.
I do my best to live happilly, peacefully and beautifully everyday...
My motto would have to be...take it one day at a time,
but don't forget the big picture.
Most definitely I am a people person.
Art is the purest form of expression known to man...I truly believe that.
My old journal: hazel_rose

I'm a definite fan of The "L" Word series on Showtime!! Season 6 was kind of a let down but eh. Still love watching.

80's music, activism, amaretto sours, amethysts, amy lee, animals, art, astrology, atc, atlanta, batteries not included, beaches, belly dancing, biking, black, black pearls, boston, broadway, butterflies, change, chicago, children, clarity, coheed & cambria, cold, comedy, compassion, competence, csi, cuddling, dance, deep conversation, dragonflies, driven under, drowning pool, espresso, eyes, faeries, fantasy, fashion, fiona apple, foreign films, fraggle rock, fresh flowers, fried green tomatoes, friendly people, friends, great falls, grey's anatomy, guitars, harry potter, helping hands, honesty, horror, iambic pentameter, ice skating, indie-rock, inner being, intelligent conversation, intimacy, ireland, janis joplin, jay and silent bob, jessica tandy, jim henson, joan jett, john mayer, karama, kissing, knowledge, labyrinth, las vegas, laughing, lesbians, lips, love, make-up, marilyn monroe, melissa etheridge, mikaela mae, mikhail bulgakov, montana, moonlight, movies, music, musicals, my family, nature, new england, ocean, open minds, oriental art, parties, passion, pat benatar, people watching, performing arts, phantom tollbooth, philosophy, photography, piercings, platinum, poetry, pride, psychology, punk rock, purple, rain, rarities, raw emotion, religion, rhapsody, rheanna jalise, romance, sarcasm, scary stories, seattle, seether, self-discovery, sensuality, shakespeare, singing, sleep, soulmates, spiritual growth, spirituality, static-x, stilletos, sunsets, surrealism, tattoos, tea, the dark crystal, the doors, the l-word, the red violin, theatre, tori amos, travel, trees, tuscany, vacationing, viva la bam, vodka, waterfalls, wild cherry pepsi, world of warcraft, writing, ,